Monday, October 29, 2012

Warming up to BLOG again

OK...I think I'm going to re-join the blog-o-sphere today. I'm not sure if this will be my permanent home but for now, it works. I already had it set up so all I had to do was click "New Post" and I'm in. Any time saver is a good time saver these days. Still debating what I will write about that might or might not be of interest to readers - it will surely be one or all of my passions though, which I have laid out here - Multi-cultural learning Adoption Children Theater Global responsibility FUN Fabrics Funky cool people Gratitude Well, that's a start. Today I want to write about Facebook, which probably falls under the category of GRATITUDE for simple things. I have decided after years of consideration that I love Facebook and I'm so happy to have it in my life. Although I'm aware of the many concerns and controversies over privacy, security etc, and those things do concern me as well and often, I really feel grateful that I have a mechanism for keeping in touch with, or at least up with, the many great people I have met or come to know throughout my life. If it weren't for FB, would I have been wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the girl I drank purple passion with in high school, or the boy I had my first crush on in 4th grade? Would I be able to see into the lives of so many people I can't necessarily chat with every day but still want to know when they are thriving...or hurting...or dying. FB is a means and a medium for all of that and more. I can plan a party, promote an idea or belief or event, play a game, post photos (which I do A LOT) and carry on short quick conversations with old friends who have scattered all around this planet. As a 42 year old mom who does remember when there were no computers or cell phones or a world wide web, perhaps I am easily impressed but I am bizarrely filled with gratitude to be living in the day and age in which I am at this moment, and FB of all things, is a big part of the reason I am thankful. Life is good!
Photo: A, S & N